3Doodler, The First 3 Dimensional Pen in the World!

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A few months ago we were surprised by the emergence of 3D printers that allow us to make things at home with our own hands, but unfortunately, the 3D printer requires software and 3D modeling knowledge to be able to produce a masterpiece. The artists need tools that facilitate them without having to eliminate manual hand work because the beautiful artwork is the result of creative hands not the result of machines and robots. Now there is 3Doodler, a 3D pencil that can be a practical and easy solution for artists to create 3D artwork. 3Doodler Create is the first 3D pencil in the world that can draw in three-dimensional form in real time.

3Doodler Create makes it easy for artists to create 3D artwork in real-time. Imagine that you hold a 3D pencil and draw something in the air, then the lines of the pen become a solid form, and the results of the image are created into a permanently suspended and permanent artwork in 3D. 3Doodler is designed by WobbleWorks company headquartered in the Boston United States. 3Doodler does not require any software or computer. You just plug the socket into the mains and can start drawing anything at will in a few minutes with this sophisticated pencil. The WobbleWorks Company has just launched an initial sales campaign to introduce a small magical pencil device that uses a specially heated and instantly cooled plastic to form a solid structure. 3Doodler can work on almost anything, including plastic. Of course, this allows users to personalize their own objects such as smartphone casing. It can also be used for small repair jobs on objects made from plastic. The 3Doodler is 180mm x 24 mm in size and weighs less than 200 grams. You also need electricity for doodling wear this pen. But do not give this pen to children under 12 years, because the tip of this pen is made of very hot metal. The heat reaches 270 degrees Celsius. If you want to give this pen to children under 12 years old, you can give 3doodler another version. There are currently 3 versions of 3Doodler. For children under 12 know, the most popular pen doodler and doodler pen for you guys who are already pro. To find out more about this pen, you can visit the official website.


3Doodler Create

Build anything your mind can make your hands draw.Draw, design, fabricate, dream, conquer - you can do anything with a 3Doodler


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